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As a grounded Healer and Energy Advisor and Reiki Master, I serve as a direct link to Divine Universal Light (Source) to help you remove the limitations that are preventing you from healing and simply being your natural, vibrant self.

Through dedication to inner energy work, accessing shamanic states of consciousness and high frequency brain wave states for over a decade — I have come to open gateways within to hold a strong light frequency to support you.

My belief is that miracles are natural occurrences when you awaken to your divine connection and plug back into your Source from which healing, health and prosperity flows.

My healing journey began over 20 years ago. Back then I lived in my head and overthought every word and action. I was totally disconnected from Spirit. Sadness and pain were frightening realities for me over a decade until I cracked and began a journey in healing and self-reclamation.

Fast forward 22 years and as well as overcoming shame, self-loathing, fear, deep depression, social anxiety, loneliness, pharmaceuticals and breaking free from a strong cultural ties. I’ve overcome a tremendous amount and channel this experience into supporting you to do the same and truly embody and celebrate your essential nature.

My journey has been about dissolving my fear blocks and truly owning who I really am. I appreciate those dark years since they were the reason I came to re-establish an effortless relationship with Spirit so that now I am supported by Goddess to do what I love – specialise in full-time energy work to catalyse change.

My personal breakthroughs continue as I follow my Higher calling to deepen my spiritual work, seeking union with God in all aspects of my life. My studies have evolved into Metaphysics and Eastern Medicine which has deepened my fierce love and compassion for Awake Living.

What makes me unique is that I have gone above and beyond Reiki and hands-on-healing. I continued to invest in my education and the truth about natural healing. What I now offer is a deeper level of support integrating energy clearing and talk therapy. I work closely with the unseen world and entwine this connection with my down-to-earth approach and my ability to see others in their Llght and potentiality.

As a result, my clients are supported on the deepest level to move forwards with their life and manifest their solutions with new-found energy and perspective. Spiritual mentoring supports the energy clearing work and is based on ancient wisdoms traditions; Taoism, Shaiva Tantra, Esoteric Buddhism, Shamanism, Yoga and Ayurveda.  Clients gain insight into their healing and return to wholeness. Important, they are guided on how to prevent a return of symptoms.

More recently I entwine my experience running a blessed and successful healing practice with practical business building strategy and teach healers how to create soulful healing businesses that serve and nourish if this is their calling.

I also guide those who are on their ascension path of enlightenment, assisting the light evolutionary process.

I’ve been trained by notorious gurus and masters across the globe. I’ve been fortunate to support hundreds and hundreds of people find deep peace and feel like themselves again. Since 2008 my clients have included sensitives, empaths, Reiki Teachers, scientists, spiritual types, celebrities, single mums and busy professionals.

I have a keen interest in the overlapping of science and spirituality. Modern science as wonderful as it is, is still limited. I often teach healthcare professionals such as doctors, chiropractors, accupuncturists, yoga teachers and counsellors.

Born to punjabi parents, my based in Birmingham however I spend a lot of time in Greece and India. I’ve lived in Berlin as a lifestyle choice and have worked on super-yachts in Space, Corsica, France and Turkey. I work most effectively across time and space, on the phone or videocall.

Reiki Master Healer Birmingham Midlands


In the Beginning

My healing journey began over 20 years ago.

I gained a 2:1 Computer Science degree at the University of Sheffield and climbed mindlessly up the career ladder at a past-paced global company in a hectic, competition-fuelled workspace.
On the outside I looked successful. On the inside was a different story.

I was deeply lonely.
I couldn’t be myself yet I desperately wanted to be understood.
I craved real connection but I couldn’t express myself authentically.
I lived in my head and overthought every word and action.
My mind whirled like a tornado with anxiety.
I had no glow at all. I actually looked older than I do now!
My heart was filled with unexpressed emotion.
I felt crazy, my mind was like a TV that wouldn’t switch off.
I was so uncomfortable in my own skin and body.
I was living an extroverted life when I had no idea my essential nature was more private and introverted.
I was disconnected from feminine energy.
I was mechanically living out other people’s ideas of success and popularity, mainly to please others.
I ran the programme of needing to be liked.
I knew there was more to life but I didn’t have the power to access it.
I was a cog in the system and I loathed myself for it.

The only joy in my life was music.

I was also filled with shame. After all, what did I have to be depressed about? I had a good job, nice home, loving family, money, wild social life, many ‘friends’. Yet I hid my mental illness and emotional pain with pharmaceuticals (and a cocktail of chemicals) whilst playing an inauthentic, extroverted version of myself for ten whole years.

did what most of us do to begin with – I turned to my doctor for help. I remember the disapproving looks and feelings of shame I felt at the time. Without a single word and in a matter of seconds, my doctor wrote out my first prescription for anti-depressants.

Over years I developed resistance to anti-depressants because they were causing emotional numbness. Being heart-centred, I was disturbed by the fakeness. So I came off the anti-depressants but pretty soon I started to feel depressed again.  I started taking medication again however this time it didn’t work as I’d developed huge resistance. I felt like a bigger failure, the pills weren’t working, I felt like there was no hope. I remember walking through Centenary Square in Birmingham, it was freezing cold and I was lonely and frightened about how crazy I felt. Back in those days depression was a taboo subject.

I know I needed to find a cure for my sadness and inability to express myself as ME. The search for natural cures began and I tried everything from counselling to crystals, plant medicine to meditation.

In 2007 I went to see a healer called Gloria. She sensed my darkness was a spiritual, existential crisis. I had great connection with her, she was smart and didn’t talk woo woo new age language and we commenced sessions together. A light was switched on for me – a flame of warmth, peace and confidence ignited. My power and energy began to return for me to start to make some changes towards living a life of peace and meaning.

The moments with her were such a blessing.
I didn’t realise it at the time but I had started saying YES to life.
I didn’t realise it at the time but something within me had been awoken and I was opened to a very old shamanistic gift of alchemical healing.
I catapulted into healing and awareness. Up until those sessions I had no idea I was connected to a much larger energy dynamic then what has been in front my eyes up until then. For 27 years I realised I had been totally ignorant to matters of energy, light, consciousness and vibration. The word ‘Divine’ entered my vocabulary.

The days and weeks and months that followed were full of challenges and changes as I journeyed back to my True Self.
Much unlearning, much undoing, many breakthroughs followed.
Enormous amounts of inner work, healing and cleansing of my life and relationships.
Removal of block after block, increasing life force energy flow, feeling lighter, brighter, more loved up.

I never needed to try to become a healer. I came with these shamanic abilities. I simply forgot my essential nature for many years until Spirit put me on the right path of remembering who I was again.
Fast forward 22 years of personal growth and ascension, I take great pleasure in assisting you to do the same.

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Reiki Master Birmingham Midlands Distance Healer

Why I love and dislike Reiki at the same time

I founded my own Reiki training school in 2011.
I’ve come to see that each person has the power to heal ourselves when educated properly in how to trigger our inner medicine.

In 2007, a highly acclaimed Reiki Master – Brendon Rowen – taught me Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho Level 1.  My Level 1 investment was £250. There was no certificate or manual. I learned in my home.
I forgot about Reiki for while until I noticed signs pointing me towards a female Reiki Master with which to continued my training. I came into alignment with Maxine Fone who taught me Reiki / Seichem Level 1 and 2.

Although Reiki resonated with me right from the start, some of the teachings seemed naive and too basic. How could laying your hands on yourself achieve healing? How did symbols work exactly? Angels? The Indian chakra system in a Japanese healing system? Distance healing using a teddy bear? Even though distance healing and the Angelic dimension were undoubtedly real to me based on my direct experience, I questioned the way I was taught about all of this and more.

In my opinion, a lot of modern Reiki training is a unbelievable joke lol. Inspire of my issues with Reiki I’m glad I trusted my intuition and didn’t abandon Reiki like many do. Instead I journeyed deeper into Reiki through other esoteric practices. My quest for deeper Reiki teachings led me to an original system called Usui Reiki Ryoho. My suspicions had been true. Chunks of the original teachings had been missing in my previous Reiki courses.  I’d been taught a lot of silly nonsense.

Learning Usui Reiki Ryoho helped me stop living in my head and to ground myself for peace, inner power and clarity.  This system was a huge turning point for me in my journey.

So if you too find yourself interested in Reiki taught from the original Japanese perspective before it hit the West in 1938 (eventually becoming associated with the New Age movement) then I’m here to help you.

I continue my deep interest into what the founder of Reiki – Mikao Usui – actually practiced. My private mentoring sessions with the best Reiki teachers on the planet take me deep into Shamanism and Japanese esoteric practices. My curiosity for the truth Is my Scorpio Moon in action. I follow my passion as my inner voice is loud and clear. I don’t stop and my frequency keeps shifting towards greater and great alignment with Source.


Reiki Master Birmingham Midlands Distance Healer


Present Day

Still enjoying personal breakthroughs, I’ve learned a thing or two about health and wellbeing the way nature intended!
I now come alive by assisting you to unleash your best version, stopping the fight against your true nature, and experiencing reality in a more natural, empowered way.
These days I love my life. I feel so comfortable in my own skin. I’m a strong, brave yet feminine woman who gets shit done in line with her values, insisting on saying no to as much nonsense as possible!
Although meeting me you wouldn’t believe that it never used to be like that.

With a passion for history and psychology, I’ve exploring the tragedy and horror of humanity over time and as a result I hold space for some of the darkest histories and emotions and offer tremendous strength and support through difficult times. Inspite of the horrors of the world, however, I believe in beauty and goodness and keep my heart expanded. Protection isn’t a word in my vocabulary.

I am totally in love with my Indian heritage and I am a student of Traditional Eastern Tantra under the direction of my wonderful guru and friend in India. I live a path of Dharma.

My life is a real blessing now and I am so grateful to have meaning and overfill. I never needed to try to become a healer. I came with my own gifts. I can teach you how to tap into your own gifts to also live an effortless flowing life.

Now energy is supporting me.
Love, life and laughter are my natural experience.
My life is an exploration of the way energy moves in the universe – simple, creative and flowing.
There’s no mental chatter and I hear clearly my heart and psychic intuition.

What if all you needed was already in you?

And what if all you needed was for someone to switch on the lights and help you on your way to more truth, integrity, peace, freedom and joy?

I’m so glad you found me. Reach out anytime..




Metaphysics, Quantum Physics, spirit expressing itself through art and music, dance, electronica, the moon, reading Murakami.


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