After Learning Reiki

Once you have completed a Reiki course you may feel you want to practise on your own or family and friends but you are invited to enjoy continued support.

With access to Reiki Events you will gain a richer experience and get the most out of your Reiki path, the potential benefits of which go far beyond what most of us can imagine.

You can enjoy the following benefits of learning Reiki with this school:

~ Take part in empowering and fun courses since 2011
~ Receive lifetime support and guidance
~ Invitations to refresher courses – a great way to bring understanding back to, and even beyond, the clarity of your first course ~
~ Invitations to Reiki Shares – to learn and grow with a friendly Reiki community
Reiki mentoring sessions available to support your ongoing spiritual growth or help you develop a professional Reiki practice 

Completing a Reiki course begins your Reiki journey.
Future Reiki events significantly enhance your enjoyment and evolution.

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