Reiki Courses - Birmingham, Midlands and UK Reiki Training

Reiki Courses – Birmingham, Midlands and UK Reiki Training

Professional and uplifting Reiki courses serving Birmingham, Midlands and UK Reiki Courses Birmingham Midlands

Two styles of globally recognised Reiki are taught by the established Reiki school.
All Levels 1 2 and 3 are covered you don’t need to worry about finishing off your training.
You are supported all the way.

~ Reiki taught with the original Japanese perspective – Reiki 1 Shoden, Reiki 2 Okuden and Reiki 3 Shinpiden
~ Reiki & Seichem + Violet Flame attunement (Egyptian Reiki) – Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3

Why join us?

~ Super real life testimonials from new and empowered Healers, existing Healers, Professionals, Scientists, Students and Mums
~ Established and continuous courses since 2011
~ Small groups to keep the training empowering, personalised and enjoyable
~ High quality, professional training that is fully recognised, accredited and insurable
~ After learning support for continued evolution – click here for more info
~ Many students recommend this school’s training
~ Dedicated venue with good transport links and accommodation options
~ Your teacher has experience in running a busy Reiki clinic and mentoring Reiki practitioners and existing teachers
~ Your teacher continuously invests in her personal and professional development
~ Payment Plans available

Who learns Reiki with this school?

~ Those looking for more ease, grace, confidence and flow in their emotional, mental, financial and relational lives
~ Those that are healthy
~ Those looking to heal themselves from illness
~ Spiritual and non-spiritual people
~ Those interested in Ascension, Global Uprising and Healing the Planet
~ Those drawn to a deeper way of meditation and living in harmony
~ Professionals, couples, mums, students
~ Talk therapists (counsellors, coaches), Western health practitioners (nurses, doctors) and holistic health practitioners (yoga teachers, chiropractors, nutritionalists) looking to feel and function better
~ Sensitives looking to manage their energy systems better and cope with surrounding energies
~ Those who wish to unfold their purpose and calling
~ I teach many existing Reiki students. You are welcome to join a Reiki 1 class if you already practice Reiki. If you approach the class as a beginner, the experience of learning Reiki with the original Japanese
perspective will clarify your understanding and deepen your practice.

Feedback from a student who retrained with this school

“I studied up to level 2 Reiki under a teacher from the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki system but I found that I still had questions unanswered and wanted to explore other systems of practise to find the Reiki path that was right for me. I went to a retreat that opening my heart back up to Reiki, which I had given up practising during all of my personal life turmoil as my previous Reiki system had not supported me. I started looking for new places to explore Reiki and came across Seichem Reiki online. On reading what the Japanese style was about and seeing my own doubts and frustrations reflected in your description of your personal journey, I thought this might be exactly what I was looking for.
Since doing Reiki 1 again but in Usui Reiki Ryoho I generally feel calmer, less stressed and angry.
Things I enjoyed the most about your Reiki 1 Shoden / Reiki 2 Okuden
•       Focus was on us taking part, not just being a platform for one person to talk
•       Creation of a safe space in which we could truly express how we were feeling, e.g. cry if we needed to.
•       Everyone had opportunity to share but was not expected to. If you didn’t want to that was respected. Sometimes you just need to internalise an experience without sharing it with others or putting it into words.
•       The deeper focus – giving the practise actual meaning
•       Giving us a framework to evolve, rather than saying that reiki will do it all without our involvement. Sitting with my hands on myself, normally wondering what on earth I’m doing, never helped me. It wasn’t even particularly relaxing. Shoden work has helped me, giving me a support structure in which to work things through.
•       Love the chanting! I had not chanted in a group before Shoden and thought it was awesome, especially at Okuden when I had been doing it alone for 3 months and was used to doing it without feeling so shy.
•       We were allowed and encouraged to question, explore for ourselves and experiment. No ‘one size fits all’ attitude and no dogma.
•       Full explanations of why things were done that way/ where they came from so we gained deeper understanding rather than just following instructions mindlessly.
•       Explanation of hand positions in treatments as a ritual which you could drop when ready and permission to use intuition instead of being rigid.
•       ‘Real’ practise – not airy fairy. Reiki is a real, normal, practical thing, not something ‘other-worldy’.
•       Given permission to trust my own voice and feelings in my practise.

More reviews from beautiful students

“I received my Reiki Level 1 and 2 training from Hema five years ago in Berlin, and it truly transformed my life and helped me to develop more positive habits, which I didn’t even have the intention of developing before. I started a regular Yoga routine, I started to cook healthy meals every day, I started to develop my skills in creating jewellery, I even quit smoking!
Hema is truly always there for her students. When I struggled very heavily with cravings for nicotine I contacted her for remote healing. Within half an hour my cravings were like blown away, never to return. Something I hadn’t even thought was possible!
I received my Reiki Level 3 Masters from her yesterday and am excited to see, which other beautiful things are going to come from this! Thank you, Hema! I feel very blessed our paths have crossed!”

Anna Roerig, Housewife, July 2018

“I have known Hema and been her student for over 5 years. Her guidance helped me transform my life when I was in a really dark spot. Today, I find myself aiming for higher goals than I had ever imagined and passing on her love and lightness to others around me. Big love and wonderful humor  

“Since meeting you I have entered a path of discovering who I am and learning to love myself. I understand now that you have to have excess energy before giving endlessly to others and that Reiki is more about yourself than healing others. I have also stopped researching compulsively about spirituality on Google and instead experiencing it through meditation and being in nature

The Usui Reiki Ryoho 1 weekend was a magical weekend. I was surrounded by such a diverse group of women and we were sharing experiences, crying together and laughing a lot. I learnt a lot about spirituality and myself that weekend and felt inspired and motivated to start a better life. Rest well beforehand as your body will be going through a lot of energetic changes!”


Awralla – Student, Fashion Entrepreneur, March 2018


“Hema is a wise, wonderful and truly authentic teacher who is a joy to spend time with. When you work with Hema everything comes from a place of flow and ease. She holds space for you and allows you the freedom to have your experience – instead of telling you what “should” or “shouldn’t” happen. This is a rare quality! If you’re drawn to energy work I would have no hesitation in recommending Hema to you to support you on your journey. I certainly look forward to working with her again.”

Lisa Andrews, Chiropractor, March 2018


Dedicated and beautiful Venues for spiritual growth

Reiki Courses – Birmingham, Midlands and UK Reiki Training

Blessed to attract such lovely gathering of like minded souls eiki Courses Birmingham Midlands

More beautiful feedback

“Thank you for a great weekend and experience, really learned a lot and started off my journey. Had a good sleep last night and feel great, calm and wide awake today.
The force is strong in you 😉
Take care, Mike”
Michael, Tree Surgeon, June 2018

“Hello Hema
Thank you for a beautiful two days of blissful learning and guidance. Truly chilled.
Warm gratitude and blessings lovely cookies and thanks for recipe.
God bless
Anne, NHS, June 2018

“Thank you for the beautiful course again. I wasn’t doing Reiki Level 1 for physical problems but my headaches have gone!”
Kinga Milek, April 2018

“Where do I begin? Right from the start Hema made me feel so welcome and at ease. She is such a lovely person and so encouraging and enthusiastic. There were only 4 of us in the group and we all commented on how lovely she was and how her teaching manner really enthused us and gave us confidence. This was a brilliant course taught by a brilliant teacher and I would love to do further training with her in the future. Thank you!”
Sandra Gibbons

“I am very grateful and feel very lucky for having met Hema. She has been a profound support giving me amazing Reiki sessions and her energy inspired me to do my Reiki Level 1 with her which has allowed me to gain more energy, peace and reach a higher quality of well-being. She has a beautiful, smart and powerful spirit – a gift she shares with everyone which which she comes in contact.”

Caro, Berlin

“On meeting Hema – inspired to tap into a world of healing and calm – exploring Reiki Level 1 seemed like a good place to begin. The Level 1 course was a personalised experience, the energy was simply amazing and left me feeling totally blissed out and very motivated to practise with the techniques I’d learned and evoked. Hema is an excellent communicator and made the whole experience just awesome. Looking ahead to level 2.”

Germaine Nichol-Huges
Professional in Amsterdam

“When I took my Level 1 course with Hema it was honestly like an awakening! I immediately felt even more in tune with the flow of life, and this experience got even more intense with Level 2! Working in a very stressful environment I love the very practical aspect of being able to recharge my batteries with energy whenever I need it. And it’s as uncomplicated as getting coffee!  What I value about Hema most is her down-to-earth, non-judgemental, life loving approach. She made me feel comfortable from the beginning and didn’t make me feel like I had to do anything apart from being open.”

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Anna Roehrig
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