Have you been feeling burned out? Like life is a treadmill of continuous activity? Wouldn’t it be nice if your body (and spirit)  and body could just recharge instead of going and going? Wouldn’t it be nice if your mind could take a breath and pause for a moment.

We’re all working too hard trying to make our lives work.  We’ve been living in a society that trains us to focus outside ourselves for the answers to expend our energy creating things externally.  It’s a results focussed mindset that neglects our inner power. Our health is suffering terribly from imbalance between mind, body and spirit connection.

Doctors have been taught to treat illness and reverse disease, and conventional medicine is excellent at preventing death and prolonging life. However, for a majority of patients much is lacking in the current medical model. There are many modalities available today that add to our energy, vitality, performance, and wellbeing, which have been completely overlooked by our conventional system.

So many people come for Reiki treatments that are on medications for depression, anxiety, pain, insomnia, or some chronic illness. These medications are masking the problems, but not hitting the source of illness. Peace or mind is relinquished and further anxiety about medications create a bigger stress state in the body. There’s something missing. The pills aren’t connecting all aspects of being. The spiritual void needs addressing.  Reiki clients are seeking more than conventional medicine is offering. They want to take control of their health because they know intuitively that  self medicating cannot be good in the long run and cannot be the route to positivity, peace and passion.

It is our natural state to feel relaxed and alive. It is how our lives are mean’t to be. We should easily be performing at peak potential, expressing our greatest gifts and feeling inspired throughout the day. 

While conventional medicine has many brilliant technologies, it has not really offered anything to help patients thrive in their natural state. Medications can reverse symptoms, but they have limited value in connecting us with our Life Force, the source of healing within. Perhaps Doctors themselves are not regularly experiencing the Natural State of health and vibrancy in their own lives, so patients are believing it’s not possible for them to feel that way either.

It isn’t that doctors don’t care deeply about their patients. I’m sure most of them do! But many of them aren’t aware of modalities can are available to unleash new realms of living.

I’ve treated many clients with Reiki Healing who get better for some time, only to return with the same problems – depression, pain, illness. Once they feel better physically, they continue in the same life path with may involve a way of thinking, situation, habit, and their physical vigour or Life Force diminishes again causing dis-ease.  They way clients engage in life after their healing is critical if they really want to experience long lasting healing.

To change your health and your life, you need to change the the way you think about your health and your life. You need to change the way you think about who and what you are.

Our true security and sense of worthiness comes not from our job, our accomplishments, our degrees or even our contributions to others. True security is unwavering and stems from our own sense of self-acceptance and self-love. This heals the body and restores peace.

Reiki: discover your true nature

True security comes from knowing our True Self. How can we discover what that is?

The system of Reiki has 5 components which help us discover our true nature. Reiki is a path and a way of life that leads to deeper understanding of our True Self. Reiki was never solely about giving and receiving Reiki treatments.

The Reiki path allows access to truth and vitality that is available to us all. The thoughts and beliefs you learn on the Reiki path keep bringing you back to your essential self.

Reiki is love. It’s intimacy and understanding of the self. It’s acceptance and forgiveness. It’s letting go and letting God.

Reiki is created within us and is available to us all.  Your ability to experience Life Force within creates vibrant cells, healthy emotions and a more whole-some experience integrating mind, body and spirit.

Open with courage to receive this, and be fully alive.

This will change the world.