Reiki Level One

At Harmony Room near Moseley, Birmingham

Cost: £99

This is beginners Reiki course for people of levels who wish to explore Reiki for themselves, family, friends and also animals. The following topics are covered:

~ The history of Reiki
~ What is Reiki?
~ 5 Reiki principles
~ Chakras
~ 21 day Cleanse
~ The Reiki treatment experience
~ How to give a Reiki treatment
~ Intention
~ Protection (is it necessary?)
~ Self treatment
~ Treatments on others
~ Hand positions & benefits
~ Quick Reiki chakra balancing treatment for the self and others
~ Giving Reiki to animals, plants, food, crystals
~ Violet Flame Healing
~ *Included* Attunement to Seichem Healing
~ *Included* Attunement to Violet Flame Healing

A manual covering the topics above will be provided.

This course is taught 1:1 by request. Contact Hema on 0121 517 0275 to schedule a time and date.
Allow 4 hours for the theory and attunements. 

An accredited certificate will be provided on the day of the course.

On the day
Please wear comfortable clothes. There is no need to have done any prior preparation as you will receive exactly the experience that is right for you.

Reiki 1 costs £99. Contact Hema on 0121 517 0275 to schedule a time and date for your training and then simply click on the Paypal button below to confirm your booking with a £20 deposit. The remainder of the fee can be made on the day.




Further Information
If you have any further questions then please click contact Hema who will be happy to answer any questions you may have. and schedule a telephone chat if preferred.

Looking forward to meeting you on your Reiki day.

Reiki Level Private Training Birmingham


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