Deep relaxation, reduced stress, an easier labour – find out why every pregnant Mum could benefit from some Reiki

Reiki is completely safe

Once of the best things about Reiki treatments during pregnancy is that it is completely safe. Reiki in general only ever helps and can never harm! Reiki does not interfere with any other treatments, which makes Reiki a great choice for helping comfort a pregnant woman. Reiki’s loving energy heals and calms anxiety which is often associated with pregnancy and pending motherhood.

Pregnancy is also a wonderful time for an expecting mum to learn Reiki and receive Reiki initiations / attunement in order to soothe herself and her baby during the pregnancy.  Having Reiki hands is a great way to give healing, balancing energy to treat your baby after birth.

Reiki goes beyond physical support

Reiki offers support to mum-to-be on emotional and mental levels to bring deep relaxation and positivity to both mum and child. This can make for a more enjoyable pregnancy. Prescriptive medications are not designed to soothe on a holistic level and can come with side effects.

Reiki can deepen the bond between baby and mum

Reiki can help create a balanced, loving and harmonious relationship between the mother and the unborn child.

Reiki can deepen the bond between baby and dad

Reiki can provides a unique opportunity for the father-to-be, as he can bond with his baby when it is in the mother’s womb.

“I decided to do a daily Reiki session on our baby. It began to feel as if I was a part of the baby and of my wife, who had a deeper connection than I did with our new child. When I placed my hands on the womb I immediately sensed a beautiful energy streaming into our baby and I felt overwhelmed with emotions which I never knew I had.

I would love to promote Reiki as a means of helping couples to cope with pregnancy and as a way of supporting husbands to become more involved as this is a special time for sharing and communicating with each other, for all three of you.

During childbirth I also used Reiki as a technique for releasing tension and stress (when my wife allowed me!).

For me it felt like I was more a part of the pregnancy and birth. When our baby finally arrived and we touched each other’s skin it was with recognition as we had already known each other’s energies.” ~exerpt from article by Frans Stiene (International House of Reiki)

Reiki treatments supports body maintenance

With regular Reiki treatments – which ensures better circulation, harmonized energy levels, elimination of toxins and a stable and confident emotional, mental and spiritual outlook – you might be surprised at your body’s ability to heal and maintain itself.

Even apprehension and fear experienced in the late stages of pregnancy, and the distress at the impending labour, can be alleviated through the deep relaxation, balance and confidence gained through a Reiki treatment.
Reiki during pregnancy can be a gentle, yet powerful, non-invasive treatment that may issues such as:

~ Exhaustion
~ Nausea
~ Anxiety
~ Sleep problems
~ Aches and pains
~ Mood/emotion swings

Reiki supports changing moods and emotions

Since pregnancy can be such a major life-changing event, it can often resurrect buried emotions, fears or insecurities from the past; so-called “unfinished business”. A weekly treatment is recommended, especially around the heart, abdomen and solar plexus areas, to enable the body to handle all the changes and demands that are put upon it.

Babies adore the energy

During a Reiki treatment, some mums have experienced their babies give an excited kick as soon as they feel the energy flowing in. Treatments can not only support the mum but the baby directly too by placing hands gently on the bump.

Enhance your connection with your body

Being pregnant can create a sense of being out of control of your own body. Some women have described it as their body “not belonging to them anymore”, from the day-to-day changes in their bodies, to the sense of invasion experienced from medical interventions. Reiki can enable a sense of regaining some of that control: a balance and a grounding so that, even though you are experiencing a life-changing event, you can be in control, no matter what surprises await you.

~ Reiki practiced in the early days of the pregnancy helps reduce exhaustion and nausea in the pregnant woman.
~ It can bring relief to every part of a stretched and aching body of the woman.
~ Reiki is done to restore the balance and health to the pregnant mother.
~ Reiki used during labour stage has been shown to help control and lessen pain.
~ Reiki may make delivery easier.
~ Mothers who have had previous c-sections and receive Reiki in later pregnancies can expect lesser need for cesarean surgeries the second time.
~ Mothers who use Reiki during and after pregnancy can better adjust to their babies and vice versa.
~ After the baby is born, it can be a stressful time for the baby. When Reiki is used in the delivery room it makes an easier transition for the baby.
~ Reiki also helps to release the fears related to pregnancy and delivery. It soothes a woman who can feel invaded and impatient to give birth.
~ Reiki has the power to make a baby wriggle with pleasure in the womb, and also has a calming effect on both the mother and the child.
~ Reiki provides a unique opportunity for the father-to-be, as he can bond with his baby when it is in the mother’s womb.
~ It also helps in building a strong and spiritual relationship between the mother and the baby, before this tiny new being enters the world.
~ Reiki can be used to help improve the whole family’s experience through pregnancy. Reiki eases every stage of pregnancy, physically and emotionally, making the journey into motherhood more joyous and memorable.