(a blog post for students)

“The most important thing is to know the most important thing.” -Zen Master Shunryu Suzuki

Just as it is impossible to develop a friendship without being in touch with your friend, if we’re serious about developing our relationship with Reiki, we must keep in touch with the energy by practising Reiki self healing.

Reiki Self Healing

If we want to progress on the fulfilling Reiki path, self-healing is the most important thing.

“Where thought goes energy flows”

The good news is that practicing Reiki self healing is simple and enjoyable. Reiki works by invitation through intention – you simply place your hands on your body, shut your eyes if you like, intend that the energy flows, let go – surrender.

Reiki Symbols

When you see a picture of someone you love, and you think loving thoughts about that person, loving energy follows your thoughts through time and space because of your focus, not the photo – the photo just helped focus our attention onto our intention.

In a similar way, the Reiki symbols are a visual focus for our healing. They are an important aspect of of Western Reiki which were added later on to help people focus better on the energy.

But what underlies the symbols is intention.
It’s intention that controls the energy.
Intention is a powerful driving force.
There is no power in the symbols, or for that matter, hand positions, techniques, or rituals.

Different Reiki techniques

In the beginning, it’s very useful to have basic instructions to get you up and running. A ordered set of hand positions to follow, and an idea on timing, helps you get used to working with the energy – you know what you’re doing and you don’t need to worry.

But it’s easy to get rigid, prescriptive and think we have to follow the same routine every day.

In the beginning, it’s good to try different techniques. That is why in your manual you are given different ways of giving yourself a treatment. Try different hand positions, try scanning, try working intuitively to those areas you are guided to. When you find a technique that you are comfortable with, the more belief you will invest in that technique, the stronger your mind will be about that technique, the less doubt you will have, the less resistance, the more surrendered you are, the better a channel for the energy you will be.

Intention is key

As long as your technique doesn’t cloud your intention, then your technique will not be diminishing the effects of your Reiki healing.

You will find your own comfortable way with the energy, maybe different from how other people work, and that’s fine.

This way will not be better or worse than another way, it will just resonate with you more.

You will come across rituals, processes, visitations, mantras along your journey, which can all be useful there is nothing wrong with them, but you should remember that Reiki is a very simple system which works brilliantly without clutter, and that rituals, processes, visualizations and mantras are optional and only to be used if they strengthen and focus the intention.

Self Sabotage

If we believe we are not doing something correctly, or it’s not working, we have diminished Reiki’s endless possibilities.

Try not to attach to the outcome, you will introduce resistance. Release resistance to the outcome.

I call the core of existence God; you may have a different label, name or personification to describe the fabric of the universe – all labels should lead to the source of pure consciousness and love. When you are healing, let go and let God.

Meditation is another key

Emptiness. No judgment of the sensations you are feeling, the colours you are seeing, all the side effects of the healing. No worrying about the process, hand positions or timing. Just be there with the energy. With practice, your treatments should have no form, no structure, you simply become the energy, merge with spirit, merge with the recipient, with no expectations other than to be one.

Let go and let God

Let Reiki do it’s thing – supporting, nourishing, healing in the way that you need it, working it’s magic. Try asking higher powers or spirit guides or any other universal energy to help you.

Don’t waste your medicine

We all struggle with commitment from time to time but how can we be of help to others if we can’t take care of ourselves? That’s why I stress to Reiki practitioners, our most important service to the world is our self-healing.

Add some self healing time while waking or going to sleep. Or both, or anytime. Reiki is a companion, given to us through grace. Why walk around with medicine that aligns you to the universal force behind all – that balances the body, mind and soul, and gently empowers and guides us through life – and not take it?