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Reiki Treatment Birmingham

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The Vibrational Healing & Alignments offered here include Reiki alongside additional modalities, expertise and spiritual counselling or mentoring.

Healing allows the body to balance itself, leaving one feeling relaxed, brighter and happier. It can balance and heal the deepest part of you, restoring you back to your true nature – peaceful, positive and empowered. Reiki treatments Birmingham

Sessions are particularly helpful for those experiencing fatigue, anxiety, depression, insomnia, or those who need to heal from physical or emotional trauma. It is helpful in times of transition, and for clearing away remnants of old injuries, losses, and other difficulties that can get in the way of making healthy choices in the present.

Sessions are painless, soothing and grounding. You’ll feel supported, nurtured and often a profound sense of relaxation and peace, a bit like a monk after years of training. There may be a sense of heaviness or detoxification as energy settles in your body. Your body continues to integrate and balance for hours and days afterwards. Reiki treatments Birmingham

Healing will align you with your true, empowered and healed self. Parts of your life that were stuck or blocked will start to flow again. Negativity is shifted. Physically your vitality and strength is renewed. You are moved in the direction of where you need to be. Healing fills you with light. It helps you to find peace, get grounded, promote healing and move on. There have been many cases of blockages and darkness lifted in just one session.

Healing restores the correct flow of energy in your body to treat a wide range of illnesses and resolve deep emotional and mental barriers:

Physically relief from aches and pains, assists in recovery from injury, infertility, diabetes, migraines, arthritis, insomnia, heart disease, high and low blood pressure, strengthening the immune system, circulation and nervous system, deep relaxation, more energy,  detoxification, deep sleep

Mentally relief from stress, calmness, clarity, more focus, ADD, OCD, positivity, compulsions, judgements

Emotionally release blocked emotions, let go of baggage and step forwards, forgiveness, anger, fear, addictions, deep sadness, anxiety, PTSD, self worth, peace, happiness, balance

Spiritually soul alignment, depression, expanding consciousness, ascension process, lightworking, difficult life transitions, lifting blockages relating to love and relationships and career and finances, resistance, weakness, egotism, perfectionism, more light, connectedness, purpose

Reiki Treatment Birmingham

Here’s what I can offer you

~ More than Reiki
~ Professionalism and sincerity
~ 10 years of experience working with energy
~ I specialise in full time energy work
~ The ability to hold a supportive space for difficult emotions and long held trauma
~ The past experience of breaking out of old patterns of pleasing, trying, pushing, comparing, loneliness, despair, anxiety and depression
~ The knowledge of what it takes to break free and live life according to your own terms
~ A decade of working with energy and moving to higher and higher frequencies to support your transformation
~ My background is scientific, my upbringing spiritual. My natural enjoyment for introspection and penetrating energetic practices and extended meditations with light means I can combine my upbringing, background, experience and skills to help you awaken emotional freedom and joy
~ The energy journey so far: Reiki -> Violet Flame Healing with the Ascended Masters -> Satnam Rasayan -> Angelic Healing -> Alchemical Healing -> Metatronia Therapy (Archangel Michael, Jesua and Thoth) -> Alchemical Healing
~ An energy system that is calibrated for working remotely
~ I enjoy supporting healers and individuals in developing their own sacred gifts
~ I also teach energy based yoga practices – Kundalini and Traditional Tantra from the Kaula tradition in India – so have a well rounded approach to mind body medicine
~ A clean and healthy lifestyle for healing based on Ayurveda – the sister science of yoga
~ A clean and healthy vessel (body) for transfer of high highest vibrational energies
~ A daily meditation practice
~ A daily sadhana (spiritual practice) of healing and and tantric meditations, energy based yoga and distant healing
~ Commitment to dharma, my unique path and purpose

Will your Energy Healing work?

We have unique biographies. Our biographies make up our biology. Healing means to become whole and works on the mind, body and emotions both in this life and ancestrally. Vibrational healing never ceases to amaze me. Each person is unique and although outcomes should not be predicted or assumed in holistic therapies, it has been an honour to facilitate transformations for hundreds of people. Side effects of the work include more energy, more confidence, insomnia cured, more trust, healing of PTSD, alleviation of anxiety, stress, stronger ability to manifest or create, removal of financial and relationships blocks, pain reduction, more peace, less spiritual confusion,connection to spirituality, new strength, forgiveness, increased fertility, less fatigue, alleviation of depression, removal of emotional blocks, lower blood pressure, relief for ME & MS & Fibromyalgia, cure for migraines, cure for post-natal depression, post-operative care, rashes and other skin conditions.

How does your Healing work over Skype or telephone?

In the dimension from which I am effecting your energy field, distance does not exist. My ability with remote healing has continued to expand over the years so much so that most of my clients choose to have healing in the comfort of their own home. Healings bring about alignment in all aspects of your being. They remove obstacles to a greater flow of awareness in your daily life. We have to understand that distance is the privilege of a restricted mind. You can receive healing tens of thousands of kilometres away.

Existing clients can use the button below to book healing whenever they need some energy sent, this service is not available to new clients I’m afraid.


Happy clients

“Since a few years I’ve been having a lot of tension on my right shoulder which I suppose was due to working  all twisted for long hours on my computer. I never really did anything to deal with it until last summer one day I woke up and turned my neck in a weird way that made a popping sound and a terrible acute pain. I couldn’t move it for days and the pain was intense. I treated it with anti-inflammatories and a cream and thought it was just an isolated case. Then about a month ago I felt again a strong pain and tension in the neck after work and it just wouldn’t go away! I didn’t take anything this time as I don’t like to take pain killers. I had accupuncture massage and it helped for a bit. I started using heat to relax the muscles and ease the pain which went from the back of my neck to the inside my right shoulder blade. Then I decided I would start doing yoga and meditation every morning which felt great but someone told me it could aggravate the inflammation. Confused, I saw this osteopath who does craniosacral massage and she told me I really needed to take care of the inflammation before she could do anything so I went home and took voltaren for a few days which helped a bit but after the treatment the pain was back and I was really anxious and stresses at this point about what I should do and why this was happening.
Hema advised me to have a double healing session and just talking with her made me relax a little bit, since at this point I just felt kind of hopeless. The treatment was great and strong, it felt like it was getting in the right place. Very intense and relaxing beyond words. After two hours of dreaming and feeling very interesting things my mind was able to quiet down and the pain was gone. my head felt super light and my body was relaxed like a jellyfish. After just one session with Hema I slept like never before, and unlike probably most of my life, I woke up happy and restored, and without any pain! Since that session, one week ago, I still feel some slight pain and tension sometimes during moments of stress and try to relax and meditate and it does go away. The session was amazing and in my specific case really crucial to understanding what was happening with the pain in my body and how it could get better. That said, I recommend Hema’s work to everybody”

Maria Walnut

“After my treatment I felt revived and was able to leave the house the next day – something I had been unable to do for months. I understand that my energy had shifted and was moving again. I feel no matter what your problems are, they can be cured if your energy is cleared and moving again. It is because Hema has such good energy and she encourages you to stop giving illness your energy and focus on steps towards feeling better. She also recommended nutritional support which is supporting my gastrointestinal health and immune system. When you begin to feel a bit better about yourself then you start to believe you can get better and it becomes self fulfilling. If this story can make one person want to take charge of their lives by what they eat and do, I will be delighted. She has helped me change my life and deal with my illness and you can change yours too.”

Testimonials Reiki Birmingham

Management Consultant


“I was suffering from a miscarriage and had developed severe headaches from stress. I had been struggling to find peace. I’d had Reiki before, Accupressure, Homeopathy and Reflexology and the doctor gave me anti-depressants. I was quite skeptical about more energy healing but someone I knew recommended me to try again. I went to see Hema due to her sincerity. The sessions were sometimes very peaceful at points and other times difficult as emotions came up. The healings with Hema cleared my headaches and I was able to step forwards after being able to sleep again. Thank you for being there for me Hema.”

Reiki Birmingham

Sukhvinder Bhogal
Mother and Carer


“The energy healing session I had with Hema was amazing. I could feel my energy being unblocked and made to flow correctly again, and I felt so much calmer and grounded afterwards. The session itself was so relaxing and i felt completely at ease the entire time, while Hema worked her magic. I had goosebumps when I left and the best nights sleep ever.  If you’re feeling anxious, stressed, or just a little under the weather, I would highly recommend this treatment, Its like being wrapped in a warm blanket of peacefulness and I felt so much better afterwards.”

Reiki Wishing Well Bromsgrove


Tracy Barnes
Holistic Centre Manager

Reiki Treatment Birmingham

How does your Healing work?

My work is intuitive and now lends itself admirably and successfully to Skype or telephone sessions all over the world.
Sessions includes consultation service, assessment of your energy system and requirements for recovery and maintenance.
I offer a unique personal healing approach using a combination of vibrational healing modalities.

Source Alignments
Chakra Balancing
Aura Balancing
Energy Field Healing
Personal alliance with Sekhmet and Kali
Metatronia Therapy (Metatron, Jesua, Thoth)
Satnam Rasayan (Kundalini Yoga tradition)
Violet Flame (St Germain, Angelic Realm, Akashic Records)

How can I book?

These days my availability is limited I’m afraid, so I’d love to connect with you beforehand to see if we are a good fit before any healing work is carried out.
You are invited to contact me directly HERE and let me know what you are struggling with – the more information I have the better – confidentiality guaranteed.
All sessions are via Skype or telephone, you remain in the comfort of your own home.
I look forward to hearing from you, to learn more about how I can support you.

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