Testimonials Reiki Birmingham
Testimonials Reiki Birmingham Midlands UK

Testimonials Reiki Birmingham Midlands UK


By the grace of god I have helped many different people treat a wide range of health problems and issues including PTSD, chronic anxiety, deep stress, bereavement, severe back pain, chronic fatigue, depression, infertility, fatigue, feeling stuck, feeling run-down, high blood pressure, hyper-activity in children and other childhood complaints, hypo- and hyper-thyroidism, indigestion, insomnia, IBS, migraines, M.E., M.S., ovarian cysts, post-natal depression, post-operative care, rashes and other skin conditions, self-esteem issues and breathing issues.

Reiki Birmingham 

Happy clients

“Since a few years I’ve been having a lot of tension on my right shoulder which I suppose was due to working  all twisted for long hours on my computer. I never really did anything to deal with it until last summer one day I woke up and turned my neck in a weird way that made a popping sound and a terrible acute pain. I couldn’t move it for days and the pain was intense. I treated it with anti-inflammatories and a cream and thought it was just an isolated case. Then about a month ago I felt again a strong pain and tension in the neck after work and it just wouldn’t go away! I didn’t take anything this time as I don’t like to take pain killers. I had accupuncture massage and it helped for a bit. I started using heat to relax the muscles and ease the pain which went from the back of my neck to the inside my right shoulder blade. Then I decided I would start doing yoga and meditation every morning which felt great but someone told me it could aggravate the inflammation. Confused, I saw this osteopath who does craniosacral massage and she told me I really needed to take care of the inflammation before she could do anything so I went home and took voltaren for a few days which helped a bit but after the treatment the pain was back and I was really anxious and stresses at this point about what I should do and why this was happening.
Hema advised me to have a double Reiki session and just talking with her made me relax a little bit, since at this point I just felt kind of hopeless. The treatment was great and strong, it felt like it was getting in the right place. Very intense and relaxing beyond words. After two hours of dreaming and feeling very interesting things my mind was able to quiet down and the pain was gone. my head felt super light and my body was relaxed like a jellyfish. After just one session with Hema I slept like never before, and unlike probably most of my life, I woke up happy and restored, and without any pain! Since that session, one week ago, I still feel some slight pain and tension sometimes during moments of stress and try to relax and meditate and it does go away. The session was amazing and in my specific case really crucial to understanding what was happening with the pain in my body and how it could get better. That said, I recommend Hema’s work to everybody”



Maria Walnut

“On meeting with Hema I immediately felt better. I’m not normally very trusting but I felt comfortable. After my treatment I felt revived and was able to leave the house the next day – something I had been unable to do for months. I understand better now what had happened – my energy had shifted and was moving again. I feel no matter what your problems are, they can be cured if your energy is cleared and moving again. It is because Hema has such good energy and she encourages you to stop giving illness your energy and focus on steps towards feeling better. She made recommendations to my diet and lifestyle. When you begin to feel a bit better about yourself then you start to believe you can get better and it becomes self fulfilling. If this story can make one person want to take charge of their lives by what they eat and do, I will be delighted. She has helped me change my life and deal with my illness and you can change yours too.”

Testimonials Reiki Birmingham



Management Consultant

“I was suffering from a miscarriage and had developed severe headaches from stress. I had been struggling to find peace. I’d had Reiki before, Accupressure, Homeopathy and Reflexology and the doctor gave me anti-depressants. I was quite skeptical about more energy healing but someone I knew recommended me to try again. I went to see Hema due to her sincerity. The sessions were sometimes very peaceful at points and other times difficult as emotions came up. The Reiki therapy with Hema cleared my headaches and I was able to step forwards after being able to sleep again. Thank you for being there for me Hema.”

Reiki Birmingham



Sukhvinder Bhogal
Mother and Carer

“The Reiki session I had with Hema was amazing. I could feel my energy being unblocked and made to flow correctly again, and I felt so much calmer and grounded afterwards. The session itself was so relaxing and i felt completely at ease the entire time, while Hema worked her magic. I had goosebumps when I left and the best nights sleep ever.  If you’re feeling anxious, stressed, or just a little under the weather, I would highly recommend this treatment, Its like being wrapped in a warm blanket of peacefulness and I felt so much better afterwards.”

Reiki Wishing Well Bromsgrove



Tracy Barnes
Holistic Centre Manager


“Coming from a scientific background, I was skeptical about Reiki. Whilst suffering from stress and insomnia, since I try to be open to new experiences I decided to try a treatment. I am still being surprised, even after the second time, how deeply relaxed I am after treatments and for the following days. Even though I have no idea how and why Reiki works, I can’t deny that these treatments give me lasting feelings of extreme calm, relaxation and peace.”

Computer Scientist

“I am a 37 year old business owner, who suffered with severe stress over the years and since developed ME fatigue syndrome. I always found Reiki treatments useful in helping me to re-energise and manage my condition better. My Reiki Master moved away which is why I came into contact with Hema. During my first treatment, the energy hit me straight away and I felt the treatment was the strongest I had every known. The last 10 minutes using Violet Flame Healing up through my chakras was intense. I come to see Hema every 3-4 weeks. Thank you for supporting me.”

Testimonials Reiki Birmingham Midlands UK



Sabine Klar
Business Owner


“Hema’s treatment was a profound yet natural experience of the body being balanced. The Reiki was a very high intensity energy spreading through the body whilst totally relaxing at the same time. Even a couple of days after I had my treatment, I could still feel my body natural and in harmony.”


“I was suffering from some hard pain in my back and I needed to relax. In the beginning I felt something new, which touched my energy system gently. I dived deeply for the next hour. When the music stopped, I wake up and I felt fresh and light, the pain gone. Amazing sessions.”
Testimonials Reiki Birmingham



Volker Neuert
Yoga Teacher

Volker Neuer

“I know many consider Reiki purely esoterical but I will not judge it philosophically or scientifically here – if it helps, it helps! I am a business professional and often under considerable stress. I first visited Hema when stress hit me hard, affecting my appetite, my sleep, my ability to work. Tension was mounting mentally and physically and I knew that if I don’t seek help a burnout or a severe depression might follow. Hema takes her time and guides you in a very meditative state. The effects were immediate post treatment – I observed appetite return, excellent sleep, I was relaxed and general wellbeing was massively increased. And quite honestly, Hema has an amazing personality. She might seem spiritually funky to some, on a purely personal level its worth the fee alone to sit down for half an hour with Hema.”


“Last year was quite challenging for me: areas in my life were somewhat unsatisfying, including my Reiki practice. I was ready for changes but realised I needed support which is when I contacted Hema. I had no idea what to expect through the sessions. In the first session I was amazed how strongly I felt the Reiki. Afterwards I felt like a newborn and had more clarity and strength! Truly amazing. I would recommend trying a treatment to anyone.”

Wife and Mother

“I want you to know that it was a supportive experience, exactly what I needed. I very soon started getting visual images of what it is I need to change in my life, it was as if I had creative solutions coming at me one after the other, it was very empowering to feel like I was supported with options. I wrote down all the inspirations I received. It’s hard sometimes to keep up motivation but good to know I can check in with you again any time.”


“I especially love Hema’s sense of humor and the way she brings a reality to everyday Reiki while still holding a space of total respect for the wisdom and mystery of Reiki. I appreciate her commitment to researching and sharing the original Reiki ways, as well as incorporating yogic and modern health related teaching. The class was fun but full of reverance at the same time, and being given the manual really helped me following on from the class.”

Samantha, London

“I am very grateful and feel very lucky for having met Hema. She has been a profound support giving me amazing Reiki sessions and inspiring me to do my Reiki Level 1 with her which has allowed me to gain more energy, peace and reach a higher quality of well-being. She has a beautiful, smart and powerful spirit – a gift she shares with everyone which which she comes in contact.”

Caro, Berlin

“I love Seichem Reiki, especially the Violet Flame which is such a wonderful healing energy. A must for all Usui Reiki fans, who want to let the energy flow even more. All taught by the lovely Seichem Master Hema. Thank you!”

Computer Scientist

“On meeting Hema – inspired to tap into a world of healing and calm – exploring Reiki Level 1 seemed like a good place to begin. The Level 1 course was a personalised experience where both before and after I was given plenty of literature to know what to expect and how to practise what I had learned. The Seichem energy was simply amazing and left me feeling totally blissed out and very motivated to practise with the techniques I’d learned and evoked. Hema is an excellent communicator and made the whole experience just awesome. Looking ahead to level 2.”

Germaine Nichol-Huges
Professional in Amsterdam

“When I took my Level 1 course with Hema it was honestly like an awakening! I immediately felt even more in tune with the flow of life, and this experience got even more intense with Level 2! Working in a very stressful environment I love the very practical aspect of being able to recharge my batteries with energy whenever I need it. And it’s as uncomplicated as getting coffee!  What I value about Hema most is her down-to-earth, non-judgemental, life loving approach. She made me feel comfortable from the beginning and didn’t make me feel like I had to do anything apart from being open.”

Testimonials Reiki Birmingham



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